Best 7 Tourist Attractions In Paris

We all know the city of love, Paris. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Paris that should be seen by every person on the planet at least once in a lifetime. Spending your money here for a vacation would be the best investment that you can make for you.

7. Notre Dame de Paris

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We would highly suggest going to the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. Going there and entering is free, but it would cost you to climb its twin towers. But as one of the best tourist attractions in Paris, it would be a great place to spend some money and enjoy the beauty.


6. Parc du Champ de Mars

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For the green lovers and park people, this is the place to be in Paris. Named Parc du Champ de Mars there are large parcels with green grass. A blanket, white or red wine and snacks would make an evening out of it. This place has been built with high precision from the France army and it is so stunning just to stare at the statues.

5. The Catacombs of Paris

Source: Wikimedia

The Catacombs of Paris is another one of the tourist attractions in Paris. Coming here without visiting the Catacombs would be a shame. Most of the people come in Paris for the romance but Paris has a dark side of it as well. The Catacombs are a haunting place and for the people that love horror movies, this would be the best choice.

4. The Canal St. Martin

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The Canal St. Martin is another attraction in Paris that should be given some visiting time. The sun going down here is so famous that your photo on Instagram would get so many likes. This place has been known to be a good host for picnics. Bringing a basket with meat and wine would be so romantic to spend some time with your loved one.


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