These Are The 8 Most Unique Beaches In The World

In this world we live in there are many beautiful and many unusual places. Just as there are attractive and famous beaches there are the ones that are considered unusual but in fact, they are very unique beaches.

So if you are a beach lover and you strive to experience something more than the usual sand and water beach, you can add these ones to your list:

1. The Hidden Beach

Source: Flickr

This beach is on the Marieta Islands in Mexico and you wouldn’t see it if you are there only if someone told you about it. This beach has a sad history because it was created when the Mexican government tested bombing on that field. So this huge hole was then made into a sea cliff in it is sure one of the unique beaches out there.

2. The green beach (Papakolea Beach)

Source: Flickr

This beach is located in Hawaii and the name speaks for itself. The sand of this beach is green. This color comes from a volcano that is located nearby and it is amazing.

3. The Glass Beach (near Fort Bragg) California

Source: Flickr

Can you imagine a beach that has glass instead of sand? Well, you should because there actually is one and it is considered to be one of the most unique beaches in the world. The most important thing is that you can safely walk on it without cutting your feet!

4. The Desert Beach

Source: Wikimedia

What is interesting about this beach is that it is not alongside the sea but it is a wonderful and astonishing experience you can find in Brazil.


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