7 Things The Cabin Crew Knows, But You Don’t

Of course, no one knows more about inside secrets and facts more than the actual cabin crew of the flight.

We guess you don’t know much so here are some not very popular facts about flying and what you should, but don’t know.

1. The Galaxy Note is banned while e-cigarettes are allowed

Did you know that the “exploding” smartphones such as the Galaxy Note are completely banned from you to take on the flight? Well yes because in the recent years there are few items that were banned from you to take on the flight because they were considered exploding objects. But not the e-cigarettes even though they can cause greater damage if they are not working well than a smartphone.

2. You can’t open a door mid-flight

One of the employees of the cabin crew told us that you can’t physically open a door while on a flight but if you are trying to do, can gen you in trouble. You should be aware of the fact that if you try to do so, you will be handcuffed and kicked out of the flight in the nearest landing point there is. The plane would go through the trouble of emergency landing just to kick off someone who tried to open the door which is not possible to be opened during a flight. Messed up ha?

3. You may have to sit to a dead person

Did you know that if someone dies on the plane they are not officially pronounced dead until the plane lands? Well if the person next to you died, you would have to sit next to them the whole flight.