The Next 6 Top Holiday Locations That Will Become Big This Year

The top holiday locations have been picked just to remind you that still, we are exploring. Still, there are unvisited places, and maybe not enough money to go there.

But it is good to keep the list in your textbooks because when the opportunity comes, jump on the plane and visit, do not hesitate at all.


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In Myanmar, there are more than 100 temples to be visited. Waiting with open doors, located in Bagan. Most of the tourists haven’t visited Myanmar before. Keep an eye open for a cheap flight because the airliners tend to popularize this location.

If you are feeling very optimistic, you can check the offers for intimate small boat rounds to Kaledan and Lay Mro Rivers.


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 Cuba has to be in our top holiday locations list. There is one and only Cuba. If you are a fan of Hemingway, then this trip should be a priority. His house located few miles away from Havana has been kept as it is, just being dusted once in a while.

The Bacardi rum factory is also located there. Back in 2015, they have celebrated their 500th anniversary with a new flavor release. Bacardi drinkers are always leaving this place with a great smile on their faces.

 The Republic of Georgia

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This should be at top of the top holiday locations because of the architecture fans. They are pushing this place like no other, admiring all the crazy stuff that was built using unusual materials for that time. There were two festivals that were added in the Republic of Georgia. One is the new wine festival in Tbilisi and the Summer Olympic Festival, both added back in 2015. There is also the Kakheti wine region which offers really a quality wine for a tenth of the price that you would normally pay in Italy.


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