The Most Amazing Things To Do In Cuba

We bet Cuba is already on top of your must-visit destinations list! If it is not, you will have to add it because one has to visit Cuba in his lifetime! This destination is so popular that people around the world visit it constantly because of the culture, architecture, history and just because of the fact that there are so amazing and most unique things to do in Cuba!

If you are still not convinced about it, learn about the things to do in Cuba and go:

1. Visit the University of Havana

Source: Wikipedia

You must visit this world-famous university and experience at least some of the culture there is in Cuba.

2. Stay all Night on the Malecon

Source: Wikimedia

This is the place to be in Havana and stay up from sunrise to sunset! This place offers an amazing atmosphere and provokes different feelings during the day. You can choose this place to chill or go party until the morning.

3. Experience Live Music

Source: Pixabay

Listening to live music is on the list of things to do in Cuba yet is the one thing that you will not miss on doing when in Cuba even if you wanted to because there is live music everywhere! There are very different styles of music playing so there is something for everyone.

4. Admire the Architecture

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Vedado is the residential area in Havana and there are amazing architecture and housing you can admire there. You can just go take a walk and wonder, you will never get bored because everything is just so unique and interesting. You can read this place culture and history throughout the buildings.


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