Check This 7 Destinations That You Can’t Miss This Spring

In spring Everything is colorful and positive and is a perfect period to experience some new place and tradition. We are going to show you 7 wonderful spring destinations in Europe that you must see.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Source: Pixabay

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, the people there keep their tradition and culture and unselfishly are showing it to the tourists. This spring you can enjoy in Lisbon’s cultural and historical monuments and you shouldn’t miss the walk true the oldest part of the town known as Alfama who is full of old taverns.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Source: Wikimedia

Budapest is a well-known destination, but when spring come and the green places start to reach full bloom this place becomes irresistible. The City park of Budapest is one of the best in Europe, also you can make a simple walk around and see a lot of iconic spots of the city.

5. Vienna, Austria

Source: Wikimedia

Vienna is the home of the music of Beethoven, Strauss and Mozart and spring is the best time to visit it and see the wonderful historic buildings in the city

4. Seville, Spain

Source: Flickr

When spring comes the city of Seville transforms into cultural and social event paradise. The most important event in Seville is Holly Week (Semana Santa).


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