Check Out These 6 USA Nightlife Hot Spots And Rock That Party


The city might look different during the day, but when the sun goes down, the shades go away and the USA nightlife goes live. That’s why we decided to make this list from the best cities and best clubs to rock in the USA. Make sure to take notes because you might miss some.

6. Los Angeles, California

Source: Flickr

Why would we go to LA and why would we mention it in the USA nightlife list? There are the see-and-be-seen clubs which dictate the nightlife fashion. If you have recently bought a nice dress or some high heels, LA is the place to go and the LA clubs are the ones to visit. Gossip is all around, and every taste cannot be satisfied, but if you feel them right, then it is right.

5. Chicago, Illinois

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Where would we be without the live music in Chi-town and all the singers that have performed there? The world would be a poor place without all these talents, and without all these clubs that just call you to visit them. When it comes to the Chicago locals, they just want a peaceful night in a small bar, but the tourists are the ones that make the waitresses go crazy.

4. New York, New York

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Pegu at SoHo is the well-known place, getting cocktails until you can stand and drink. East Village is also an attractive trip, with bars and clubs offering different kinds of scenes inside. Almost everything is legal at night in New York, we dare you to find something that isn’t.


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