9 Airline Secrets You Are Not Aware Of

We bet that you thought more than one time what the airline secrets are and what they actually hide. Well, the answer is: a lot.

However, we believe that you need to know a lot more than you actually know so here are 9 of the airline secrets you have never heard of:

1. Did you know that the airline owes you up to 200% compensation if it can get you to your desired destination between one and two hours to one and four hours at international trips? Maybe it was fast, but it was not fast enough!

2. Never, ever settle for any vouchers! You should always choose hard cash instead because let’s be real, they will always try to put you up with the voucher instead of the cash.

3. Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday may be the cheapest days to fly but not the cheapest days to buy tickets! This is a marketing trick made on purpose by the airline so make sure you are not fooled by it!

4. If your luggage is delayed, the airlines offer you an amount of money yet you should know that you deserve to get more than what they are willing to give!

5. One of the most important of the airline secrets you need to know is that there are some airline companies which give you the opportunity to cancel up your flying ticket and refund your money even in the last 24 hours! But be careful and investigate this fact very well because there are companies that give the same offer only if you cancel your ticket one week before the departure!