7 Thing To Do In Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica almost certainly got a richer culture and more exciting things to see or do than any other Caribbean island. The second largest city is the port city of Montego Bay. MoBay is Jamaica`s package tourism center. Nature scattered beauty at every corner of this historic town and the locals made sure that the area offers more accommodation than any other part of Jamaica. Great golden sand beaches, palm-covered landscape, and many activities within a hand reach is what makes people come back to this place again and again. If you`re considering a vacation in Jamaica, you are in the right place we have put a list of 7 activities and local attractions for you to visit:

7. Rockland Bird Sanctuary

Source: Wikimedia

Peaceful, beautiful and meditative, Rockland Bird Sanctuary, is for those of us who love the wildlife and have an admiration for people who take care of and pay attention to it.

6. Greenwood Great House

The Greenwood Great House is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it was the house of the Elizabeth Barrett-Browning who was well-known English poet. The visitors here can see the large collection of antique furniture and the breathtaking view of the surrounding area from the mountains to the sea.

5. Croydon in the Mountains

Croydon in the Mountains is huge plantation where you can find out about the life of bees, and try different pineapples and learn and experience the process of coffee making, from plant to cup.

4. Martha Brae River Rafting

Source: Wikimedia

If you want to relax and learn something for Jamaica the Martha Brae River Rafting is something that you definitely should experience. It is smooth raft ride down the river where you can admire the amazing tropical view.


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