7 Packing Tips Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Some people like packing, yet there are the ones that don’t. Sometimes packing is really stressful because forgetting one very important thing can be crucial for your trip. If one pack too much they often get disorganized and also, pay airline baggage fees. So in order for you not to forget important stuff and don’t over pack, we have made a list of 7 packing tips that you will find very useful:

1. Make a packing list

First things first, one has to make their own packing list of the things they plan and need on getting with them. You need to start this way earlier before the actual packing because you will need the time to organize, wash or buy the things you need but don’t have. Later when you start packing, you should check everything you put in the bag so you are going to be sure you got it with you.

2. Never fold but roll

If you have too many things, but very little space, you need to roll and don’t fold. Even experts say it is the best way to do it and use all the space you have. Following you will not have to pay for extra baggage.

3. Follow the famous 3-1-1 rule

This may probably be one of the most important packing tips you have heard. Just make sure you read and you are aware of all the rules airlines have and just remember that liquids brought in the plane cannot be larger than 3.4 ounces (100ml.) bottles. Make sure you follow the rules if you don’t like the security to confiscate your things.

4. Use the personal item wisely

Usually, every airline has a permit for every individual to carry their own handbag up on the plane. This bag often has very specific requirements of what it can be brought inside and how large it should be. Make sure you use this properly and allow yourself to carry the extra things you needed in the handbag on the plane just make sure you follow the rules.