8 Of The Most Famous Tourist Attractions In China

China is a story for itself. Visiting this country should be in the top destinations of your list. The history, the culture and altogether the country is so fascinating that one will never forget what they experienced when there. There is everything from adventure to relaxation so there is something for everyone.

If you are ever planning on visiting, and you should, these are the most amazing and famous tourist attractions in China:

1. The Great Wall

Source: Wikimedia

Of course, the wall would be first and on top of this tourist attraction list in China because it is the ultimate landmark of this country that is actually as big as a continent. This wall holds an amazing history and story so you must see it when in China. This mega-structure is astonishing itself and defies all other world landmarks and it makes China the most popular country in the world. When you actually go there make sure you visit the most popular section of the world called Badaling pass.

2. The Potala Palace in Tibet

Source: Wikimedia

This structure is also one of the most famous ones in China. It represents the center of both the political and religious power of the country and it is also the place where the treasure is held. It is consisted out of two palaces, the Red Palace which is basically dedicated to the Tibetan kings and the White Palace which is considered like some kind of residence. This place, of course, Is a must-visit.


3. Forbidden City

Source: Flickr

When you go to Bejing, prepare 4 hours to properly explore the Forbidden City. This is must-visit destination especially if you are a history buff. This place is built more than half a century ago and was used by the Ming -Yuen, and Qing dynasties. When you go there, remember not to miss the emperors garden.

4. Chengdu Research Base

Source: Wikimedia

When you think of China I bet you think about pandas too. Well, this one from the tourist attractions in China is for sure one you will not afford to miss because of cuteness overload. You will love these fascinating creatures, even more, when you see them live. You can even hug them!


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