7 Best Things To Do In Singapore


This mega-metropolis has both urban and natural attractions for any visitor to enjoy. The list of the things to do in Singapore is never-ending so we have 9 of them listed for you:

7. Merlion Park

Source: Flickr

This park is the home for one of the most famous monuments in Singapore. It is a famous tourist attraction and there is no way for you to miss it when going there. The famous statue is this head of a lion with a body of a fish. More interesting is how from the water of the lion there is water pouring in the Marina Bay. This is of course connected and a metaphor of the Singapore’s past history.

6. Singapore Flyer

Source: Wikimedia

In this list of the things to do in Singapore, of course, will be the great excitement the flyer can offer. This enormous wheel is for sure the best way to observe the landscape and the beauties Singapore can offer. This is the ultimate must-do in Singapore!

5. Singapore Zoo

Source: Wikimedia

When you have had enough of the urban jungle, you can head to the actual real jungle there is. This place is enormous and offers a lifetime experience because it has 60 species of animals. Believe us, this is not the usual zoo, it is far more than that.


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