5 Small European Countries That You Can See In One Day

In this world we live in, there are a lot of countries one has to visit yet there are only a few of them that are interesting enough and small enough for you to explore and visit in one day. Such choice is great if you only have one or two week vacation and you want to see as much as possible, so here are the European countries you can visit in one day:

1. Liechtenstein

Source: Wikimedia

You must have heard about this country that is situated in between Switzerland and Austria and it is an amazing story for itself. One has to visit this country whenever you have the opportunity. For example, if you are looking for a winter ski destination then this is the best choice you can possibly make. You can do a lot of activities in one day here but you will end up wishing you have stayed for longer!

2. San Marino

Source: Wikimedia

This country is a must visit from the European countries list! You can experience the place, the culture all in one day because it is so small and unique. So make sure you never miss the chance to look it up whenever near Italy.

3. Malta

Source: Pixabay

Malta is probably the most impressive one of this country list because of its astonishing and one of a kind architecture, culture, and history. You can find everything here from museums and temples to the most amazing nightlife in Europe. And if you are not into any of this you can just g and relax by the beach. There is something for everyone and coming here can never be a mistake! You can also choose to spend your day at the fortress and enjoy the amazing views.


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