11 Amazing Places That You Have To See When You Visit France

France is full of iconic and amazing places, but we chose the best 11 that you have to see when you visit France.

11. Biarritz

Source: Wikimedia

Biarritz is a stylish seaside town that becomes popular place ever since the mid-19th century. The coast is lined with elegant villas and is a main destination for the surfers, with wonderful sandy and long beaches. The biggest symbol of this town is a rocky little island with a statue of Virgin Mary called Rocher de la Vierge.

10. Strasbourg (La Petite)

Source: Wikimedia

La Petite France it’s a place that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a children’s storybook. the buildings are a wood pattern, the river is fresh and clean, the shops are unique. This is a peaceful, picturesque part of Strasbourg and it’s perfect for those who want to relax and soak in the Alsace culture. Part of the charm of la petite is the uniformity of the wooden buildings and the rambling canals with miniature bridges.

9. Annecy

Source: Wikimedia

Annecy is a lovely town in the southeastern France, It’s on the end of the gorgeously picturesque Lake Annecy. It’s known for its old town (Vieille Ville) with cobblestone streets, twisting canals and colored houses.  Spend a day getting lost in the canals of Annecy and you will fall in love with this small French town.

8. Cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres

Source: Wikimedia

Chartres is a lovely and magical small medieval town. La Cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres locate over the town with flying buttresses, amazing Gothic towers and carved figures of saints, angels, and devils. People from all over the world come to see the amazing example of unique Gothic architecture.


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