10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations BE AWARE OF THESE PLACES!!!

Traveling is the passion of many people, but sometimes they are not aware of the most dangerous tourist destinations. Sometimes trips end badly, but that’s why we are writing, to let you know, if you can, avoid these places, or be very cautious if you go there.

This is the list of the 10 Most Dangerous Tourist destinations:

10. Caracas, Venezuela

Source: Wikimedia

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, and presently it is facing a crisis. There are the drug gangs that started a flame and now everything has went down. Mugging and theft is a common thing there and if you are a tourist that went in Caracas, keep your belongings safe.

9. Peru

Source: Wikimedia

Peru is a South American country which has Machu Pichu in it, the words biggest attraction some might say. That’s why many tourists go there to visit, but tourists bring money with them, and the muggers are all about money and tourists.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Source: Wikimedia

Bangkok has been shook in the past year by the political crisis. The organized crime is on the rise and it is not seldom when we hear how a tourist was killed, or somebody got robbed in the middle of the city, in the middle of the day.

7. Israel

Source: Wikimedia

Israel has been known to change people’s lives after going there. Many tourists that went there and came back are saying that the experience that they got will serve them for life. There is a high level of tourists’ traffic and because Israel is a historical place, it is on the list of 10 most dangerous tourist destinations.

6. Bogota, Colombia

Source: Wikimedia

To be honest, Bogota has become a much safer place in past few years, same as the other cities above. But a few years back Bogota was attractive for the fugitives and for the drug traffickers too.


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