10 Friendliest Cities In The World, With A Backpack You Will Feel Like A God

There are places and cities in the world that you could visit with just a backpack and you would be so welcomed that you might feel like a God. This is the feeling that is spread from the 10 friendliest cities in the world and we will begin our list with number 10.

10. Burlington, Vermont, USA

Source: Wikimedia

This city or more like a town is so welcoming that the people will literally ask you if you need a place to spend the night, and a meal comes with that too. No costs at all, they just want to talk to strangers and find out new things and hear experiences. By the way, it is the first city in the US to have up and running completely on renewable energy.

9. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Source: Wikimedia

There is one common reason for all tourists to visit New Orleans, the cool friendly locals. That’s why this city is in the 10 friendliest cities in the world. It is like everyone is expecting from you to have a great time while staying there, and if not, they will make it better for sure.

8. Jackson, Wyoming, USA

Source: Flickr

The weather and the seasons are the main reasons to attract visitors here. While it is summer in Jackson, many hikers come to explore the mountains, but in winter, it is the most fun. Many skiers have said that Jackson has the skiing spirit in it.

7. Wellington, New Zealand

Source: Pixabay

Wellington is the place to be if you are looking for a peaceful week, full of great meals and coffee breaks. Also, the restaurants are not expensive at all, for 10$ you can expect a full meal with drink and a coffee afterward.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Source: Wikimedia

Edinburgh is one of the friendliest cities in the world to visit, but also it has the most diversity in it too. From the old architecture to the Georgian New Town, it has earned the reputation that it deserves. If you can spend a little from your budget to come and visit Edinburgh, do not wait anymore.


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