10 Best Places To Go For Your Holiday In May

May is the warm month, full with green trees and flowers blooming. And for sure you are planning your holiday in May, because of the long winter, cold weather, and because you want to get away early. Waiting for the summer will take few more months, but May is the right choice.

10. Cape Verde

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Cape Verde is also known as the Africa’s answer to the Galapagos Islands. Now you can make a comparison and really see that there is not much difference between them. Located in the Atlantic, there is a 100% chance of a cool sunburn on your back.

9. Vancouver Island, Canada

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It is the supposedly most populated island in North America. There are bears on the island if you are looking for some wild excitement. There are the grizzly and the black bear too. Tofino is the surfer town with a lot of great food on it too.

8. The Scottish Highlands

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Holiday in May means that you are most like to visit the Scottish Highlands. Fishing is the main reason to go here, make sure you got some big hooks because the fish really bites everything that is thrown in the water. And after the long fishing day, a short trip to the whiskey distillery is going to warm you up quite a bit.

7. Algarve, Portugal

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The first thought that came to your mind after reading the Algarve, was to dismiss it at once. But before you do that, take a look at the more peaceful side of it. And also take a look at the beaches that are located there, maybe some will catch your eye.

6. California, USA

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San Francisco is the sunshine of California, and there is Los Angeles with all its nightclubs too. This combination is so cool to visit, so if you are planning your holiday in May, this is the one combination that will win for sure.


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